Under Development

Under Development in 2022Low Basis Weight, High Strength Box

저평량 고강도 상자

The low basis weight, high strength box is a product currently under development in 2022, and aims to increase price competitiveness by changing the structure (double wall → single wall) to the extent of satisfying the required physical properties of the existing product, and reducing the amount of raw paper used.

MICROFLUTEMicroflute Packaging Material

Microflute 포장재

Microflute refers to lightweight corrugated cardboard with a thickness of ≤ 1.5 mm, and is well known as E-, F-, and G-flute corrugated boards. It is used mainly for cake boxes, cup holders, clamshells for fast food, and wicks for rigid boxes.

This product is currently under development in 2022. By replacing solid board material with a Microflute wick, we are aiming for price competitiveness and a lightweight product.