CEO's Greeting

Yi Bok-Jin, CEO of Tailim

the cardboard packaging leader

Tailim, Korea’s cardboard packaging leader, strives to create customer value
and satisfy customers based on constant innovation over the past 40 years.

Owing to the rapidly developing e-commerce market, the demand for packaging paper is continuously increasing in line with the demand for parcel delivery products and changes in the industrial environment, especially with the growing demand for the development, advancement and functionalization of new packaging materials. We will continue to develop new technologies, improve production processes, and strengthen core competencies to be a true leader in the paper industry.

Going one step further, we will do our best to encourage all of our employees to freely express their creative thinking for the future through communication, focusing on quality and technology instead of stagnating in the present, and improving corporate values and customer happiness with continuous innovation and transparent management.

Thank you.

Bok-Jin LEE, CEO