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Eco-friendly Packaging - Total Packaging #1

Tailim is Korea’s No. 1 total packaging leader in the production of eco-friendly packaging materials used for agricultural products, food and beverages, home appliances, and courier products present in our daily lives. We have 9 production bases nationwide, and a nationwide integrated network system for providing customers with local production/supply services within 24 hours. We can satisfy the diverse needs of our customers with our wide range of products, including the octagonal box, 12-sided box, pre-printing of products, and cold storage box. Tailim is the only company in Korea that produces octagonal and 12-sided boxes.


Owing to the rapidly developing
e-commerce market,

the demand for packaging paper is continuously increasing in line with the demand for parcel delivery products and changes in the industrial environment, especially the growing demand for the development, advancement, and functionalization of new packaging materials. In the rapidly changing environment, we will continue to develop new technologies, improve production processes, and strengthen core competencies in order to be a true leader in the paper industry. We are Tailim, where creative thinking improves corporate values and customer satisfaction with continuous innovation and transparent management.