Ethical Management

1A Spirit of Challenge
A Spirit of Challenge
2Focusing on Talent
Focusing on Talent
3Happiness in the Workplace
Happiness in
the Workplace

Tailim seeks to develop into a global company that provides innovative products and services by sharing common interests with all stakeholders based on trust and respect.
Accordingly, Tailim has established the Corporate Ethical Standards and Code of Ethics for all employees to set out core values and best practices to follow to ensure honesty, integrity, and professionalism. All employees should adhere to them in our business operations.

Corporate Ethical Standards

Tailim puts morals first.
Fairness & Transparency
Tailim handles everything
transparently and fairly.
Coexistence & Co-prosperity
Tailim supports all stakeholders in the
spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity.
Tailim encourages and fosters
diversity and innovation.
Keeping Promises
Tailim becomes the first choice
customers can trust and rely on.

Code of Ethics

Responsibility and Obligations towards Employees

Responsibility and Obligations towards Employees
1Encouragement and Praise

We prioritize positive encouragement and praise in communication between us and our employees, and among employees.

Unreasonable criticism is an obstacle to communication, and mutual recognition of values is the standard for all conversations.

2No Discrimination

All employees are entitled to work in an environment that is free of discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, ethnic or national origin, education, age, or any other characteristics.

We promote equal opportunities to improve the abilities of our employees. Employment and promotion are based solely upon individual merit and qualifications.

3Spontaneous and Creative Approach

All employees have an obligation to creatively improve their works and working environments.

Don’t leave outdated and worthless work without constructive criticism.

Responsibility and Obligations towards Management

Responsibility and Obligations towards Management

We create clean profits with transparent decision-making and waste-free execution.

Eliminate irrationality, waste, and unreasonable decision-making to create fair profits.


We constantly increase our profitability with creative innovation and bold challenges.

Create a profit model with technological and service innovations, and increase the future value of the company.

3Timely and Appropriate Information

Management discloses corporate information transparently.

Prepare and disclose honest and appropriate management information in a timely manner to pursue common interests.

4Ethical Economic Activities

Managers will not obtain improper personal benefits or be involved in any activities by abusing the company’s dominant position.

Do not make financial transactions or guarantee payments by abusing personal status (position, authority, etc.) for personal reasons or profit inside or outside of the company.

Responsibility and Obligations towards Partners

Responsibility and Obligations towards Partners
1Fair and Reasonable Opportunities

Affiliates have the right to be provided with fair and reasonable opportunities.

Mutual cooperation should be implemented to help each other based on fair and transparent competition.

2Respect the Principle of Fair Competition

We respect the market order under the principle of fair competition.

We must win customer’s choice with technology, quality and philosophy.

3Trade Order

We NEVER impose unfair conditions, nor abuse our dominant position.

Forcibly taking a share of a partner company will never be tolerated.

Responsibility and Obligations towards Customers

Responsibility and Obligations towards Customers
1Reassurance to End Customer

We guarantee the highest level of safety and trust to our customers.

If the customer is not satisfied, production and sales are not completed yet.

2Satisfaction to Mid-Customers

We guarantee the best deals and profits for our mid-customers in honest transactions.

We do not engage in transactions that cannot be objectively recognized as being fair.

3Ethical Transactions

We always aim for fair customer transactions in a reasonable and legal way.

Non-fair and/or non-transparent transactions are equivalent to bribes for customers, which will never tolerated.

Responsibility and Obligations towards Country and Society

Responsibility and Obligations towards Country and Society
1Compliance with Laws and Social Responsibilities

We fulfill our corporate social responsibilities by complying with transparent accounting and national policies.

We must fulfill our responsibilities as citizens by transparent accounting and faithful reporting.

2Compliance with Human Rights, Environmental and Ethical Values

We actively implement exemplary policies as responsible members of society.

Instead of passive observance, we should make an active contribution to society as best practice for the local community.

3Contribution to Social Development

We contribute to national development and social development by practicing the joy of sharing.

We contribute to the improvement of quality of life by creating jobs in business activities and supporting cultural and welfare projects in various fields.